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Either this is because it is not something they think they need, or they just have not got around to doing it yet. Most people at some time in their lives consider making a Will, but the thought often passes by without further action. The preconception that making a Will is a very daunting process is unfounded. The process ensures that what happens to your family and property when you die follows your wishes, and it is a matter of the utmost importance. If you care about who your Estate goes to - you need a Will.

- you may want your Estate to go to friends and Charities rather than parents and other family members.

- do not assume that your partner will "automatically" receive your Estate if you do not have a Will. Other factors also come into play.

- you cannot inherit from each other unless you have a Will in place - this may have serious financial implications.

- who will look after your children? You need to ensure that you have appointed a Guardian and have the details stated in your Will.

- is your Will current and up to date? It may now need to include grandchildren and perhaps specific legacies.

Anderson Mathew specialise in Will Writing and preparing Powers of Attorney, covering a wide range of circumstances including those above and more. We are able to assess your situation very quickly, and will make the whole planning process easy for you to achieve the right Will for you and your chosen beneficiaries.

Remember - if you die without a Will there are certain rules which govern how your Estate will be distributed. The outcome may not reflect how you wished your money and possessions to be allocated.